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X15 Ultrafoot question


For those that use the X15 Ultrafoot, im just wondering if its at all possible to program it to split say the bottom row for patch change and the top row for stomp box mode?
(i.e. without using the mode switch)
Thanks in advance.


Power User
Not that I know of (unless there's a s/w app somewhere that allows deep editing).

I use the X15, and love it. But that mode button is a pain (I sometimes forget what mode I'm in, try to bypass an effect thinking I'm in IA mode, but boom! it recalls a different preset because I'm *not* in IA mode!). I even tried to replace the LED for the mode switch, but they're not individual LEDs (it's a complete LED assembly).


There is an editor out there on the net. Getting harder to find though. I don't know if it will allow the split though. I use a midi mouse to get around the problem you have. Ill see if I can find a link to it.

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AFAIK Dpoirier is correct. I think the firmware would need modification.

Nonetheless the link to the editor: X-15 Setup. The editor shows no option to split the functionality of the top and bottom rows switches.


He he Dpoirier, you've saved me some trouble as I was thinking of replacing the mode led to blue, to try and at least minimise, the very issues you mentioned!

I agree its a great pedal for what it is however the mode switch is a pain and has forced me to alter my approach to the setup. Consequently, the 2 pedals get a thrashing!

I've seen the X-15 Setup program but dont really know enough about it and was hoping wiser heads than I could guide me.

Thanks again guys.


Is that the Tech 21 Midi mouse your reffering too? (saw a youtube clip) Im just wondering how that would work with what Im trying to achieve.
Ideally, I want to be able to have patches set for the bottom row and then be able to turn on/off individual pedals that are set in those patches, by pressing the buttons on the top row. I obviously dont know enough about the midi mate, to understand how I'd do that.
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