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X-LOAD LB-2 via JTM-45 to Axe-FX II XL+ running IR's. Video demo.


Cool demo as always Brett.
Sounds delicious.
Hope you've managed to finish the paper work by now... ;)


Burgs....that sounds killer. Thanks for the demo.

Unfortunately I'm stuck in a band that monitors via IEMs only in rehearsals and at gigs.
I've been considering this setup to get more realism/mojo in my IEMs.

Would love it if you could test your setup to IEMs only and give us your opinion if significant improvement over just Axe II out to IEMs.


Fractal Fanatic
Sounds great - And it sounds almost exactly as the JM45 jump model :D

Seriously, I use the JM45 quite a bit - and I was thinking: "Yes, this is exactly the tone, I am used to!"
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