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WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?


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I've been using this computer for several days and not once did Windows mention anything about needing to do an update/reboot. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, it decides that it needs to update and reboot. Thank god I had saved all my work as all my windows were closed except for Chrome (?). Visual Studio was reopened but all the child windows were gone.


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Make sure you set your active hours in the Updates settings. Windows is not supposed to auto-reboot during your active hours of use. The Advanced options under updates also gives you more settings for reboot notifications, pausing, and deferring updates.


Nothing new, they've been doing that for years. A few suggestions: Save your work every
5 minutes, turn your PC off every night. Manually check for updates and install them
instead of waiting for Window to decide when to do it.

Unless people are complaining about specific new problems the update created, just get it over with
and see what happens. You'll have to do it eventually.


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Their approach is definitely a bit ham fisted, but I would imagine there are far fewer unpatched Windows 10 installs out there as a result of it. Security almost always comes at the cost of convenience. Micro$oft has about 77% of the desktop OS market share, so they pretty much get to do whatever they want. OSX has about 18 percent, and Linux about 2 percent.

The top dog OS for all devices is Android, and they do a lot of the same crap with many carriers. My Samsung phone through AT&T has self-rebooted and installed updates on it's own schedule since I got it. Windows is not the only culprit there.


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Mac updates never have problems.

They simply incorporate your uniqueness into the collective and adapt as they go along....
Exactly why I avoid their products like the plague. Not only do I hate the UX, but they've perfected the art getting their users sucked into their whole ecosystem. Your reference is on-point because they are deffinitely the Borg of corporations.


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I have a Win10 machine that I haven't booted in probably a year. When I do, I plan to leave most of a whole day for it to just run all it's updates before I try to do anything with it.


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Mac updates never have problems.

Their userbase is simply a collective already.
Fixed it for ya. ;)

I have a Win10 machine that I haven't booted in probably a year. When I do, I plan to leave most of a whole day for it to just run all it's updates before I try to do anything with it.
As if Microsoft will do something so accommodating for you. I tried that once, guess what, no updates took place. It's like there is an algorithm that waits until it senses the worst possible moment, then it will automatically update. I wouldn't be surprised if there were windows app that you could install that prevent the automatic updates. Sounds like someone would create after a particularly frustrating reboot.
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