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WTB WTB Mesa Mark Amps (IIC+, III, IV, V, Quad pre); lots of trade options to offer too


I am wanting to start a collection of Mesa Mark amps with a particular focus on the following options.

1) IIC + or ++
2) III
3) IV Rev A
4) V 90 watt
5) Quad Preamp

I need heads at the end of the day but will consider combos and do the conversion myself. Also, I am open to considering something that might have some cosmetic or functional issues and work through the servicing and repair process myself.

I have a variety of things to offer to trade.

Axe Fx II XL
MC101 Mk II

Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster Head
Mesa Horizontal Rectifier Cabinet 2x12 with V30s

PRS Custom 24
Reverend Jetstream 390
Gibson Les Paul Special with Bare Knuckle Nantucket Pickups
PRS SE277 with USA HFS/VB pickups

Bare Knuckle Black Dog set
Bare Knuckle Holy Diver set
Bare Knuckle Emerald neck only

Boss FV 500 expression pedal (2 of them)
Zvex Fat Fuzz Factory
Roadie 2 Tuner (bass version)

Chord Hugo (audiophile DAC and headphone amp)
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