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Wouldn’t a Dyna-Cab plugin be cool?


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I highly doubt that FAS would do this, they seem to not really like the plugin world and I get it but I think it would be awesome to have a Dyna-Cab plugin, with the ability to EQ your cabs and export.

I am a AF2 & FM9 user so I haven’t been able to mess with Dyna-cab but I am sure it’s very similar to what you get with Mikko, Two Notes Wall of Sound, the Cab section in AmpHub and Amplitube etc.

The only only thing that puts Mikko 2 ahead of the pack for me right now is the ability to export your IR mix with the EQ baked in (though the EQ is limited) but it’s not enough for me to pull the trigger. FAS could slay with a plugin that would allow that.

I often like to reamp without the cab so I can adjust the IR’s after the fact (in the mix). I’ll dial my tone with IR’s that I think I’ll most likely use but I like to leave my options open. With a FAS plugin (especially with EQ and export capability) I could get the mix dialed in, and export the results for the other reamps in the same project.
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