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Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?


I really like the AX8. I just got my FM3 yesterday. FM3 has some nice features, like you can name your scenes and the name shows up on the scribble strips, color screen thats easier to read. But the thought of selling the AX8, dont know if I can do it. I A/B'd them tonight and the AX8 sounds great to me, mostly because I know how to dial it in, but the FM3 has some great sounds in it to.


Fractal Fanatic
I looked at eBay. Some of those AX8s are going for more than the FM3. More than the original cost. WTF? Maybe I better sell quick! But my FM3 is due to arrive soon!


While I've heard some impressive sound clips of the FM3, the smaller form factor is a deal breaker for me.

I really like the ability to have instant access to multiple functions at once (boost, delay1, delay2, reverb, drive, etc.). You simply cannot do all of that in 3 buttons.

If FAS comes up with a FM3 in an AX8 form factor, I'll be one of the first to put their name on the waiting list.

AJ Vargas

Sold my beloved AX8 about 2 months ago, the original plan was to save a bit more to get a second Axe-FX III to start assembling a live rig. Long story short, about a month ago my dealer told me about having some FM3s coming in so I bought one, after all if I ended up not liking it I could sell it without any loss or better yet, getting some profit out of it...

Even with so little time I've spent with the FM3 it already made me forget about the AX8. Yes, I said it...

Nathan M.

I wouldn't and I won't, much prefer the AX8 setup and layout. Im one of the few I guess that find the amp controls so convenient I'm constantly squatting down and turning something depending on where we are playing. Also, sorry to beat a dead horse but much prefer all of the switches in one unit I have no interest in buying a second piece of hardware to connect. I understand the modular concept and I think its a good idea but just not for me.
If a person could afford them both then I would say have them both since the tones are different enough that you will benefit from both of them.

The prices of used AX8's are really good right now and you would have all the extra switches available to you on the AX8.

You can make it happen on the FM3 but the routing of them on the FM3 does take a good amount of patience.

For example, my friend gave up on trying to customize the switches on the FM3 so he purchased an additional FC6 for his FM3 (he is not very tech savvy and he does not have a lot of patience, lol).

The price of them together would be over $1700 and you can get an AX8 for about half of it.

I will be one of those people who will have an AX8 and an FM3 and I don't see myself getting rid of the AX8 since there are many presets out there for the AX8 that will not need to changed later after another firmware update like the FM3 :)

Also, the amp controls on the AX8 are a MAJOR plus that I wish would have been placed on the FM3 (I believe you can do some tweaking on the FM3 to make it happen with those 5 knobs but it is WAY easier on the AX8 to JUST turn those knobs).


To answer the question.. NO. I believe the unit will have a landmark/legacy label attached to it when all the new glittery new products have come and gone.


I've had the AX8 for >5 years. I just jumped on the FM3 waitlist. My concern is that it took me about a year to get my sounds dialed in correctly with the AX8 and the band, to fit in the mix correctly but then cut when I needed it. Since then, however I've mostly just been playing, I almost never adjust my base tones. Yes maybe a tweak after a software upgrade but really not that much. I'm worried about the time and energy it would take to get the FM3 up to speed. I want the smaller footprint, and I want the most realistic and touch sensitive tones I can get (I'm not a high gain guy, more fender/Vox power tube breakup type - and well there is the JTM and JCM 800 with Greenies! ). But for me, one of the great gifts of the AX8 was that I spent years concentrating on my playing. Yes I tweaked and spent countless hours in that first year. But since getting the AX8, I just stopped with the GAS. No more new guitars, no more new pedals or amps, I mean seriously I had an issue; massive pedal board running into two amps, etc. etc. And I was constantly trying different pedal, guitars, amp combinations. It was insane. I can honestly say I've played the same guitar (Yamaha SA-1000) through the AX8 98% of the time for the past 4 years (but I did upgrade our studio PA system :)). So there is no chance I'd sell that AX8 until the FM3 has proven to me that she can meet my needs as well as the AX8 has.
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