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Working routines or .syx does not match the ULTRA ?


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completely new to customizing the AXE...
I tried the AXE EDIT on an ULTRA and did some intuitive kind of drag and drop and some using the menues to import a Cab´s .syx-file, I found the other day. Me: did not really succed...There was an error message containing and info that its not the right format.

Here is the spoken of .syx included in the attached .zip. So, would it fit at all with this formatting, as I´ve seen they are being used in the device? I also attach some other common formats for implementation usually done in other software, that otherwise might work on the axe fx ULTRA. Of course, being glad if you like ´em, too.

So how to bring them in?

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  • ML Sound Lab's BEST IR IN THE WORLD.zip
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Did you try FractalBot?

No experience with the pre-II Fractal devices and no idea if they support drag and drop for IRs.


I just connected my Ultra. And attempted to load a York Audio cab. I was prepared to jump through some hoops.

Cab-Lab lite, and export to syx. But Ultra didn't like that format either. It's been a long time since I loaded cabs into the Ultra and I cannot remember how to do it proper. There must be someone doing this?
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