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Wish WISH Suhr PT-100 based on custom audio electronics--P.Thorn, Reb Beach


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Here's a comment I found from Pete where he describes how to get very close to the SL68 w/ the "new" PT-100 ....

Well I'm talking about the new PT-
It has the lower filtering, which I think gives that spongey plexi give (you can literally hear it in the song demo I did of the PT on the suhr site) , and the dangnall clone 67 plexi spec OT which helps it get real close, to my ears. So on a new one, once people get their hands on them, if you run ch2 with the mids and bass at about 4 and treble on 6-7, presence on 6-8... Bright switch on... Gain on 5 or 6... Depth in the middle, feedback on 3 to 5... Somewhere in there, you'll be real close.


Thanks so much john. My last 2 amps were a converted od50se+ and od100se+. Both to pt specs. The most toneful and noise free heads I ever owned.


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Great company's and great people think alike maybe a "Suhr amp with fractal Fx processor that would rock.
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