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Wish/Question: how to choose most suitable cab for amp

Do you also feel that only handful of cabs (in relation to the possibilities) pair best with a particular amp? If so, should Axe-Edit assist the user in finding the best combination by e.g. having a new tab "suggested cabs" that would bring out only the suggested cabinet models for the amp to which this cab block is conneted in the grid OR e.g. highlighting in the cab list the models that are usually paired with the amp in question. This would mean that e.g. fractal would suggest 5-20 cabs for each amp as a starting point and these would be easy to select when creating a sound.

What do you think? Same type of wish is in the FXIII area: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/matching-cab.155437/#post-1850264

This would probably help people with little or moderate knowledge of amps and cabinets the most and would drive the ease and approachability of the Axe-Edit. Existing guides like Yeks are awesome, and this would kind of put the same type of knowledge to the Axe-Edit.
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