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Wish Me Luck


"Dad, is the new firmware ready yet?...howbout now?...what's with the fan noise?..."



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If this is you first child I can only hope that you were prepared for Mother's Day....it came up pretty quickly for the Chase household. :lol

Congratulations again, glad to hear that the family is doing well.


Congratulations, or as we say-Mazel Tov! We just had a girl last week (our 6th child though (!). Enjoy him!


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I just finished a lovely spring hike with my kids, Daniel, 25, Hannah, 23. They were in town to visit and to catch my gig last night. It is SUCH a joy to see them, to just be in their presence, to feel such unconditional love for them, and to have watched them grow into fine wonderful caring openhearted beings. It was worth every sleepless night, every penny spent, every needless worry I ever expended. There is no more heart-expanding experience on earth than parenting a child. Enjoy this day, and every day with your new son. They grow up so very fast!


I remember 37 years ago when our first child was born, it was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time, I was present at the birth and for me this was vital, so Cliff please enjoy the moment, it will be with you forever and say "well done" and "thank you" to your wife because she deserves it.
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Hopefully you get a daughter so 8 years from now you can spend 70% of all your weekends in fastpitch travel softball tournaments like we do!
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