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Wish Wish List: New Amps

Marshall 1974X - Any of the 18watt/Low watt Marshalls would be a great addition I reckon. I made myself a "Bluesbreaker" type amp today with KT66's and the right cab on the back of the Brit JTM45. Still experimenting but having fun doing it! Anybody know what existing amp model I could try and build a 1974X from?


I‘m missing a Mesa Mark I. USA Rythm is not the same to my ears.
Or a Mesa King Snake - really great amp.
And a Koch Studiotone. My „Bread and Butter“ amp. Paul Reed Smith is a great fan too (as I wrote somewhere else before).


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While I'm currently not a Fractal/any kind of modelling owner, I'm waiting to find the right company that can get my Blackstar Series One 1046L6 done or at least any of the other high gain Series One amps (the 200 with KT88 tubes or the 104EL34 with EL34s). I know I could probably just take a Kemper and profile the amp at my personal optimal settings, it wouldn't fully capture the flexibility that I love in my amp with 2 of Blackstar's unique features: Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) and Dynamic Power Reduction (DPR). ISF pretty much scoops things toward an American sound when turned counter clockwise and sounding like a Marshall. It's really interesting finding places in between rather than just a straight American or British 2 way switch like other companies have done. DPR is neat because it's sort of like compression/headroom on a knob and it feels really flexible to decide when you want the amp to break up.

Ideally I'd love to see Fractal model this amp so I finally have an excuse to make the jump. That's not to say Fractal clearly hasn't made other good amp models, but this one specific example is what would get me to make the jump. My ideal things to model from the Series One amps would mainly be it's OD 1 and 2 channels, though the super crunch channel is also pretty neat when you stick a boost in front of it. It would be neat to have a "Series One" model and have the power tubes as an option since all 3 amps I've listed share the same pre-amp tubes and only differ in their power sections. Having something similar to the ISF and DPR would be cool as well, but I'd mainly prioritize the ISF over the DPR.

For Fractal products, I've been told that I might be able to get in the ballpark range of the Series One using JVM or JCM 800 models, but that's a big maybe for me to take the plunge. So far my experience with modellers is renting an HX stomp this week and while I'm impressed with it, I'm still not able to nail my Blackstar's tones.


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A couple of the newer modern anps that have gained popularity over the last few years

Revv Generator w the agression modes and contour

KSR Ares or Orthos

I know both companies are relatively small builders and i would bet they would be happy to work with Fractal on a model

Hell L6 got the Revv and those guys said go ahead use the trademarked name so i think they would be pretty open to helping out

Same with Kyle at KSR great guy


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What Amps are you hoping for with future updates? Mine would be a Randall Century 200 like Dimebags, and a Friedman JJ Jerry Cantrell Signature Amp.
I’m not sure if these are in the list

Bell n Howell Projector amp
Pignose with it open and closed
Silvertone amp-in-case
Old 8-bit AKAI sampler (saturation)
One of those little cigarette pack amps with the 3-inch speaker
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