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Wish Wish List: New Amps

I might get grief for this but I would like to see Blackstar represented. The "Super Crunch" on the Series One heads is unique and pretty spectacular in my view. It is one of the most transparent crunches I have played through. Gets nice and gainy too... without mud or getting dark.


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hmm for me I would say the VHT Pitbull Ultra lead as I find that one a little different to other amps out there .

The Archon (which I believe is coming at some point )

Naylor super drive


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Mesa MK5
Mesa LoneStar
Mesa Boogie TC100 (like the above poster said)
Friedman BE-50 deluxe
David Bray - Vic Johnson Signature 4550 and regular 4550

Dizzy Fingers

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As I said before, I’m really happy with what the axe fx3 and what’s in it. But I’ll play along for fun....
Silvertone 1485(it’s a bit of a strange one... dual transformers and all! Lol)

Wizard modern classic 2 (own it and love it! Kind of like a Marshall and a hiwatt had a baby)

Marshall major ( wouldn’t want to have to carry it! Lol)

Magnatone 213 and 214 ( cool little amps)

Hiwatt dr504 (breaks up just slightly different than the 103.i have kt88’s in mine and love it!)

Any bass amps would be great!

Again though..., I’m very happy with what’s in there!
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It never fully disables it I thought?
It may not seem to be like it is, but it do. U know those expensive a$$ bogner blue and red preamp pedals? All you have to do is turn supply sag to "P.A. off" on those amps and what's left is those pedals...just the preamp. Same with ANY.OTHER.AMP in there. :eek:


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The new Engl Savage 120
Engl clean channel
Fortin Satan or Randall
Any Dimebag amp
Any combination of these in a Fractal made amp.
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