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Wish Wish List: New Amps


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I just started a thread asking for some help trying to coax some particular low to mid gain tones out of the Mesa models in the Axe (e.g. pushed clean, edge of breakup, crunchy, slightly dirty, and overdriven territory). It would be a whole lot easier if some of the following voicings from Mesa that are specifically geared towards this territory were available (ordered by preference).

  • ‘Blues’ from the Tremoverb.
  • ‘Crunch’ and 'Tweed' from the Mark V. I saw in the wikki that Cliff owns a Mark V, so this might not be that much of a stretch.
  • ‘Pushed Clean’ and ‘Raw’ from the 3 channel Rectifier. Don’t know why these were left out when this amp was originally modeled, but if it is still around, how about finishing this one off?
  • Really a model of every channel and voicing in the Tremoverb would be clutch. The Tremoverb is regarded by many as the best sounding Rectifier version Mesa has ever made, so yeah here’s a request for a third recto model (or a fourth if you count the Thordendal model)!
  • ‘Brit’ and ‘Tweed’ from the Roadster/Road King. Bottom of the list, but worthy options if none of the above ever some to fruition.

If anyone has ideas on existing models in the Axe that come close to coaxing similar tones as these voicings, we can carry the discussion on over on this thread (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/thre...d-clean-slightly-dirty-and-overdriven.156547/).
Dude all of this +97578545374...


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I'd also love to see the EVH 100w Stealth as well. Particularly the EVH 100w Stealth 6L6 Blue channel.

It's supposed to be a somewhere between the 6L6 50 watt's Blue and Red channels. They basically started with the 50 watt Blue channel as a foundation and added more gain, and more emphasis on the low-mids.



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Yeah, the 6L6 is awesome too, even though I'd prefer the EL34 version if I had to choose :smile:
Are the preamps between these amps identical? I know the Green channels are different (6L6 Stealth Green is more gainy) but I’m not sure about the Blue or Red channels.


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Are the preamps between these amps identical? I know the Green channels are different (6L6 Stealth Green is more gainy) but I’m not sure about the Blue or Red channels.
As far as I know, every channel of the Stealth model can be dialed in more gainy. I think the sound of the 6L6 Stealth is reachable with some tweaks. But to my ear, I never came close to the EL34. Leon Todd made a cool video about that, but that's not really satisfying to me either.


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Still Hoping for the Wizard Modern . I know there were a few schematics floating around that got posted for FAS to review

hopefully one of them was accurate ,

every forum I visit I see tons of comments saying the Wizard is just amazing for Rock .Metal and booted my Diezel ,Bogner , Freidman etc etc to the curb

and we already have the Sorcerer Cabs :)

dr bonkers

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Aguilar DB751 Amp
(plus some Aguilar cabs)
Ampeg B15
Ashdown ABM1200
Eden WT800
Gallien Krueger RB800
Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II or 700RB-II
(plus GK cabs, probably some of the Neo cabs in addition to the older RBH series)
Markbass Little Mark Tube (or some other Tube+Class D combo, from GK perhaps)

Pretty much any new bass amplifier and cabinets would be welcome. Beggars can't be choosers...
There is already a GK cab in the Axe FX III.

Search for Geek.


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Well hello there, I don't own an Axe-III YET(!) but I'd like to share what would interest me- how about a Carvin x100b, or something to get that early NIN/Antichrist Superstar Industrial sound like a Digitech 2112 or a Zoom 505/Zoom 9030, or it'd be cool if u could switch between a Dual Rectifier Rev G (from what I understand the Recto on the Axe-Fx was taken from a Rev F), it'd be nice to switch between the 2...or even have a Bold/Spongy switch...or even have a Dual-to-Triple Rectifier switch. Idk I'm just throwing my silly ideas around & I'm definitely satisfied with the Axe-Fx either way- Long Live Fractal!


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Ok peep this- this guy even laid out the schematics for that vintage 'light fuzz' sound from 63/64 Ventures- mrspudnik.blogspot.com/2017/12/the-fuzz-64.html , go to youtube & type 64 spudnik fuzz, it's pretty cooool, how about that?
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