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[Wish (forum)] Forum search character minimum of 3 (currently 4)

Alex C

It appears that the vBulletin forum search character minimum is currently set to the default value of 4. This makes it impossible to search for many common terms, especially acronyms (MFC, FCB, QSC, LED, USB, etc.). It's possible to use a custom search on Google (that includes "site:fractalaudio.com"), but many users (especially those new to the forum and likely to repost topics) may not recognize the need for a separate search. In this thread, a non-noob forum member had to create a new topic because a search for "fan" simply returns the message "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." Without a mention of the character minimum, it can appear that a term or topic has never appeared on the forum.

vBulletin has a page detailing the process for Changing Minimum Search Characters here.



but i encourage you to use google for searching the forum : type in google "inurl:forum.fractalaudio.com MFC" for instance



but i encourage you to use google for searching the forum : type in google "inurl:forum.fractalaudio.com MFC" for instance
Seems to return only results where the search term is in the topic, not in posts themselves.

Same when using Google with "site:...."


Fractal Fanatic
Same problem with The Gear Page.

For instance, no one can use the search function for "PRS guitar".


Power User
Always wondered about this... I figured 4 was the minimum by requirement of the software- otherwise it makes much more sense to knock it down to 3.


Fractal Fanatic
Makes sense to have it like that with so many sub-4 letter Fractal items... II, XL, XL+, FX8, AX8 come to mind quickly. Glad for the capability. Looks like the new forum is going to add a lot to the experience.

Now if we can just get people to search...
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