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Wish: FC Hold function activates on switch release for easier timing


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I'm not the first to mention this on the forum, but I searched and didn't find a separate "Wish" entry, so I'd like to formally make this a Wish. (If this is a repeat, Mods, please kill this tread entry!) For those using the FC 6 (and also potentially usable for the FC 12 in some manner), when you double up on two switches (by using the Tap and Hold functions) in order to access all 8 scenes in a preset, it's tough to time when to press the switch, to have the Hold function engage exactly when it's needed. I know the engage time field for the hold function is adjustable, and you can choose to toggle rather than use Tap and Hold, but each has its own issues. If you use the Toggle function, you can't go directly to the secondary scene, without first engaging the priority scene, no matter how short a duration. Hope this helps describe the scenario well enough.

Cheers, Lee
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