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WISH: Axe Edit to reflect IA states (from external controllers) [SOLVED]


This has been asked for by several people in the past but seemingly gone quiet - Matt said at some time last year that they might look into it when they had time but apparently, that time has not come yet... Therefore, I want to put in a "formal" request now so that it is not forgotten.

My request is to have AE reflect external controller states, meaning if an IA button is pressed (on a MFC or any other foot controller like an FCB1010), the corresponding state is reflected in AE (it is already reflected in the Axe itself). So say you press "Drive" to activate on your foot controller, the Drive symbol in AE is activated and vice versa.

I do not have an MFC (I have an FCB1010) but my understanding is that this does not work with the MFC either at present. It must be doable technically as the (in the meantime "old") Lemur template from Scrutinizer could already do that last year.

Thanks in advance for looking into that.
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It is possible with by forcing AE to enable its polling mechanism.

Attach the Bypass parameter of any block in the preset to a controller. You can just insert a Filter somewhere and not connect it to anything, as long as its Bypass parameter is attached to a controller.
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