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WISH: Ability to custom define each channel name


I'm making frequent use of either a channel toggle, such as A/B, or, channel increase (with wrap) on the hold function of a foot switch.

Being able to hold it down and cycle through all 4 channels of a drive block, for example, is really useful IMO. It lets me have 4 different pedal tones, and I use the tap function to bypass, so with just one button I can change tones and also bypass. Very powerful stuff

Only issue I have, is that the display can only say say long or short name plus channel, so its either "Drive A, B, etc, or "DRV A, B etc" This works well enough, BUT, it requires me to remember what type of drive pedal each channel is.

What would be fantastic is if we could enter custom text for each channel, so I could toggle between say "TS808" and "RAT" instead of just "A" and "B", and when using the channel up/down to cycle through all 4 channels, this would be even more useful.

Likewise, when using something like a flanger, I might have a fast and slow setting using the same type. Again instead of A/B being able to label these "slow" and "Fast" or something like that would be awesome.

I'll tell ya though, the channel increase +1, with wrap, is super useful as a hold option, especially if you've got a FC-6 and don't want to use multiple switches.


Particularly when you're dealing with a handful of presets, remembering what you have in different channels can really be a challenge, and having the ability to assign an FC displayable programmable name would really, really help! Do you want to kick in a tubescreamer? Or a Rat, or the sparkle drive? Or drive A, B, or C? It'd make live playing that much easier with the FCs.
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