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Hi all,

Since like forever When I had an all tube huge rack I was taught that my witeless should be isolated from the rack to prevent hummm. I have rubber rack rears and use tap tape around the screws etc to make as little contact with the metal of the rack case as possible.

My question is if this is still necessary now my rack only contains the axe 3 and the wireless. (Active speakers so no amp.


Tx, Harm


Power User
Hmm, I use a III with a Shure GLXD4 and PSM300 mounted right underneath it. No hum or issues. I don't have any isolation tabs. Power to all 3 are fed via a single cable.


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I haven't used hum isolators since my silly huge rack days in the 80's. No need for them. I have a brand new pack if you want them😎
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