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Wireless Headphones for TV


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Just moved into a condo and headphones are going to be my main method of listening to tv / movies.
Its a new Sony so does bluetooth but my research has shown that RF type will not introduce any latency.
Bluetooth not as good for latency.
Anyone use bluetooth for this purpose with success?
I like the idea of bluetooth because nothing wired into the tv and charging is substantially faster.


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Went with the Sennheiser RS-175
Setup was seamless.
Sound is very good.
"Surround" effect aint fooling me. I've yet to hear anything behind me with headphones but not the reason I bought them. Simulated surround sounds simulated.
After researching interesting fact I never considered was that wireless tech can't stream as much data as wired, therefore sound is not as full rez.
Not sure if there is a difference between bluetooth and RF.

Radix Lecti

I've been using the Jabra Elite 85t's with a Sony XBR-65A8H. Sounds good, only minor annoyance is having to make sure I go to the tv's BT menu to manually disconnect them or I could be hearing the
TV again when I'm trying to use them with my phone later on while someone else is trying to watch TV :/
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