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Windows 10

Mark's Tone

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This is a quick guide to fixing privacy concerns in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. The default settings and applications with Windows 10 have numerous security flaws, privacy problems, keystroke monitors installed and turned on by default. This guide will help you fix the problems in a simple way.


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who the hell is Alex Jones?


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I have till June 2016 to take advantage of the free upgrade. I will wait a bit till most of the bugs are worked out. Thanks for sharing.


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Data mining is more profitable for Microsoft than charging for this OS IMO.
It would seem that after the crash and burn of windows 8 they had to find a new way to get this version out to the people so the whole 'data mining' aspect attached to free software probably seemed like a good idea to them, but like hussamd I'll wait for several months before I consider using it. That will give all the tech heads a chance to pull it apart and figure out all the fixes it will inevitably need to make it 'user safe', without Microsoft being able to use all our personal data for their various nefarious purposes.
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