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Win 11 and FM3 edit


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Edit: updated to 6.02 / 1.05.16 and things seem to be working. Mods can delete this (I couldn’t see how to)

Against my better judgement I did an in place upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. Now when I start FM3 edit everything is fine, but after a few minutes the connection to the FM3 appears to be lost. No error message, but when I try to switch presets the program is unresponsive. Closing and restarting fixes things. Is this a known issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it? It’s too late (more than 30 days since upgrade) to revert so going back to W10 means a reinstall.
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There are a lot of threads on this I found out.
Common fix is to run FM3 Edit as Administrator.
Also try switching to USB2 port on PC.
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