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Will the Real Output Please Stand Up

Alex Kerezy

I am trying out new pickups on my fiddle.....and I noticed the output in Axe Edit shows my signal well into the red:
Output Two.jpg

H O W E V E R.......the output on my Axe unit itself barely gets past 2
Output One.jpg

I'm a bit cornfuzed here............ what's really getting out?

That's your internal signal level which is separate from your external levels controlled by the hardware faders. So they are pre-fader if you think about this in the FOH concept.


Fractal Audio Systems
The meters in the output block are pre-fader (before the front panel knobs). If they are into the red that can be a problem when using the digital or USB outputs because those outputs are pre-fader.


The front panel meters depend on the physical Out knob position. You don’t want it clipping anywhere so adjust levels to get the Out block out of the red.

Alex Kerezy


Just so I make sure I got it.....
the signal path goes through everything in the preset
--> then to output block in the preset
--> then to the output on the hardware itself which is controlled by the output knob on the front of the axe


Tommy Tempest

Power User
Thanks Unix-Guy, I brought it down.
I most always leave my output block setting to default and after tweaking effects, etc., I adjust the Amp Block level to just where the meters on the AXE display screen, are barely hitting the red. I balance all my presets to achieve the same volume. Then use the Out knobs on the front of the AXE to give me my stage volume and FOH signal strength. For me it's 75% for stage volume going into my amp and 50% for FOH. But there will be differences with different setups.
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