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Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today


Fractal Audio Systems
I only drink decaf but the wife accidentally brewed regular coffee today and wow I forgot what a caffeine rush feels like man it's pretty great I'm like hyper-aware but I gotta go clean the garage and winterize the grill but first I think I'm gonna run around the block a few times do any of you guys do your own oil changes still my car needs an oil change but I usually bring it to the dealer but I'm thinking I could do that today too oh I almost forgot that I need to get compressor and blow out the water lines for the boathouse and put the kayaks away hey did you see those new episodes of the Mandalorian...



Power User
I'm enjoying the new season of The Mandalorian myself.

We also had coffee this morning, but it was caffeinated intentionally.


Fractal Fanatic
I'm a tea guy. Rishi's China Breakfast blend has a serious kick. First time I had it I made the mistake of drinking two cups, and it made me feel dizzy for a while.
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