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WICKED WIKI 13: Global EQ to the Rescue


The Global menu contains two Global EQ pages, one for each pair of outputs. The Global EQs are always active.

Global EQ 1 works on Output 1 (XLR and 1/4"), headphones and (depending on I/O configuration) USB/Digital. Global EQ 2 works on Output 2. If "Copy Out 1 to Out 2" is enabled in I/O (and there's no FXL block in the preset), the Global EQ 2 settings replace Global EQ 1 in the signal to Output 2.

Global EQ control is very handy in this scenario:
You performing on stage and a favorite preset of yours is clipping. You can adjust its level of course, but then its level won't match the level of other presets anymore. So what to do? Go to the appropriate Global EQ and decrease its Gain until the preset stops clipping. The gain adjustment is global. Now compensate the loss of volume by turning up the output level on the front panel.
If you're using Output 1 and 2, repeat this for the other output.
After the gig you can fix the problem.

Other Global EQ notes:
  • To reset a Global EQ, press Bypass twice (or hold). This is different from the Amp block, where pressing Enter resets the GEQ.
  • If your overall tone doesn't seem right, check the Global EQs. Even if the sliders are at default, try resetting them to clear stuff "under the hood".
Wiki: Global EQ

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