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WICKED WIKI 11: Good Tone? Nah, we want Bad Tone!


We're on a never-ending quest for good tone. Let's turn that around and make deliberate bad, lo-fi, nasty sounds.

Ready to have some fun? Here are a couple of suggestions.

  • In the Amp block, turn up Speaker Drive all the way to mimic the sound of a speaker ready to blow up.
  • Try the On the Phone preset (use the Preset A/Z list to find it). It's heavily EQ-ed, simulating the sound of an amp through a phone or radio.
  • Try the W@rped Vinyl preset (use the Preset A/Z list to find it). This made its appearance on the forum before the Axe-Fx II was released and found its way into the factory presets. It's M@tman's recreation of the tone of an old record, with crackling, white noise and all.
  • Use Bit Reduction. This parameter is available in the Delay and Drive blocks, and as a standalone Drive type. It creates digital distortion by reducing the resolution of the signal. The number shown is the number of bits that will be subtracted from 24-bit full scale. For example, to create 4-bit audio, set it to “20.” Bit Reduction is often combined with high-frequency and/or low-frequency rolloff.
  • Set a Drive block to Octave Dist and adjust Bias.
  • Use the 1x6 Oval Speaker in your Cab block.
  • Add a non-tracking Ring Modulator to the signal.
  • Use the Synth block to add pink or white noise.
Have suggestions? Reply to the post!

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Yek, your wicked wiki posts are informative and fun. Thanks so much for taking the time to crank them out. Your efforts are appreciated.


Fractal Fanatic
With Firmware 7.0 we now have the ability to reduce the Sample Rate in the drive blocks.
A neat lofi effect can be had by running an effect in parallel and putting the drive block
after the effect you want to change. Try the Tape Dist after a chorus block in parallel.
Also try attaching modifiers to the Sample Rate.
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