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Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?


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^ This. We're a lazy bunch and change is expensive and irritating, even when it's for the better. Metric is already the standard in important stuff like medicine and science.

We'd all have to give up our familiar measurements for just about everything guitar related. A Strat would then have a 647.7 mm scale length, 241.3 mm fretboard radius, and 0.254 mm through 1.1684 mm strings on it. Your guitar cables would have 6.35 mm plugs on them. That Celestion V30 would become a 304.8 mm speaker.
That's a good point. A PRS 594 would become an 876 ;-)


Very simple reason-the 1%-in the USA have too much invested in crap with inch, yard, etc built in and they won't dare lose a dime by going to a system that actually makes sense-Just my opinion of course! Kind of reminds me of Daylight Savings Time.....Farce!
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Metric has its own flaws

But seriously, what do you think they are? I've heard "fractions are hard" but not really. It's usually using cherry picked fractional amounts like 1/3 (an infinitely repeating amount when you're talking about 1/3 of a meter). Across the infinite spectrum of fractional amounts it's no harder than any other unit system.


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Can you imagine if there WAS metric time?

I remember sitting in a lecture hall In college, back in the mid 80’s, learning about binary and microprocessors...the Motorola 6808...and my buddy leaned over and said, ‘we should use metric time’. I gave him this puzzled look and said ‘what the hell is that?”. Then he quickly explained it to me and I was like...’wow, that makes so much sense!”


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Hard to buy a meter long sub :rolleyes:

Why would you even want one? But you can, I have seen them.

And 30.48 centimeters doesn't roll off the tongue in quite the same way.

They just sell them at 30 cm here at Subways.

But that is 0.48 cm less I tells ya, you would say? EVIL!

Like anyone in continental Europe outside of the airline industry even knows or cares what the length of a foot is. Nobody teaches us Imperial to begin with. That is why its so damn confusing. You guys at least, crazy though it is, are at least taught both.

There is a reason to use both. Metric has its own flaws as does the imperial system. There are great arguments for both.

Maybe in the US, which for reason inconceivable uses both, in the metric world the only people who use Imperial are the ones who have to work with British and American stuff. And aforementioned airline industry.

As an IT guy since 1988 or so, I do much prefer military time ;)

Can you imagine if there WAS metric time?

The French tried that after the French Revolution.


Henry Zelma

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Hate to keep this going ( from Canada no less ) but could you imagine a metric month or year? Our noon and midnights would be at unrecognizable intervals.


Hey now... It's taught in schools, used in many industries, and most importantly of all Mountain Dew has been available in both 2 and 3 liter bottles for decades.
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