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Why I already love FM3 in 30 short minutes


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I've had my FM3 for .5 hour. I wasn't supposed to try it out or write this post because I don't have time today, but damn. I've been on FAS train since Ultra, including III. I plugged in the first guitar I could find (semi-hollow LP with P90s) into preset 1, figured out how to adjust gain levels (which is in my mind the most important thing to get right when adjusting real amp or FAS) to my satisfaction and started playing. It was so inspiring immediately. 1000 flavors and nuances within preset 1, 59 Bassman. Tweak this a little, different reverb. Add a little delay. All different flavors of excellent. I have a Helix Stomp. Not a bad pedal, but the basic guitar sound is never anywhere remotely near what I was getting out of FM3 in 1 minute. This is into headphones, too, which are notorious for killing vibe.

In a nutshell, what I love about FM3 is that it sounds great, just like III. Really great, Immediately great. We are lucky such goodness comes in such a small and reasonably priced package. Obviously I look forward to diving deeper into it, but it's obvious all the great sound DNA is in there.


Unlike you, the FM3 is my first Fractal product. Before that I tried a lot of different things... Boss GT-1000, Helix, Strymon Iridium. While the Iridium wasn’t too bad, I was genuinely starting to believe modelling just wasn’t for me. Everything was kinda meh. Then I tried the FM3. I was blown away with how good it sounded right out of the box. I am hooked :)
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