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Why do I need a cab pack?


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Newb first post.

Why would I need a cab pack for my Axe FX III? What makes them special in comparison to what is already included in my Axe FX III? Thanks for the help.


Speaking for myself, I prefer a good pre mixed cab IR to single mic IRs. Mixing cabs takes a lot of time that I’d rather spend doing other things, and so far none of my mixes is any better than the premixed ones I’ve tried. But there are very few mixes in the stock cab set, so I bought a couple of cab sets to get some more. Now I can spend more time on the amps, which is what I want to do anyway.

Also, certain vendors sound different, and people have their preferences. Once you play around with the stock cabs you’ll start hearing the differences between the different vendors.

But no, you don’t need to buy any, the stock cabs are very diverse and are as good as anything on the market, many were cherry picked from third party vendor sets.


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You might consider them if there is a specific speaker that you love that is not represented in the included cabs, or if you want more variations of mics and mic placement options for a particular speaker.

You also might consider additional IRs from a specific IR retailer that you like the sound of their IRs and want more from them.


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Usually it's for speakers not available in the Axe III or to gain more mic types or placement options. Some of the IRs in the Axe III are taken from some of their cab packs, purchasing the cab pack gives you the rest of the options for the cab or speaker.

HA- Jinx @ethomas1013!


You really don’t, but it is hard to resist the scary forward march of technology if you can afford it...not only 3rd party cab makers are refining and expanding the quality of the work, but new software options like Redwirez Mix IR , MIKKO, and others can
IMHO, sound really excellent in DAW and other in-the-box use with FAS gear with over sampling and other sonic options.


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All my cab slots are full, personally. :) But, if you are new and have no cab IRs, I would definitely avoid new ones until I felt I had explored the stock ones pretty fully. I built my IR collection with the II and other devices with less complete librarie!


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You don't need to buy any cab packs. There are plenty of good IRs already in the AXE FXIII. I bought a bunch of cab packs. The only ones I really liked and still use are the ones from Ownhammer.
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