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Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?


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I'm all in!!! If anything, I just wish they provided the complete package Axe-III, recommended Power Amp/Cab or FRFR...i.e the complete package.


I'm going all in and plan to get the new foot controller as soon as it is available. I'm not sure when I will sell my II. More than likely I will trade it with someone local for a guitar or bass.

I have been setting aside money for about a year and half for this unit (was guessing something new would eventually turn up), and it is at a price point that is lower than what I expected.

The additional routing options and improved USB are the selling points for me. I am going to miss the green display - modern GUIs be damned. I used to program an SPX-90 whilst dodging thrown beers and fat chicks falling off of tables on which they tried to dance.


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i’ll get the III as soon as it’s released. But, I love my IIXL+ and I want a backup.
Somehow I think the 2U size has its place too.


Fractal Fanatic
Well I will need to hear comparisons first, the various non audio/sound upgrades dont change the game for me...really wished it had something that solved the endless IR search, eg. IR modeler.


It took me years to save up for the II. There’s just no way with all the real life expenses that exist that I can reasonably entertain getting a III

On one level that’s fine with me. Love my XL+ in terms of sounds I have and possibilities I have yet to explore. Reading about the III and thinking about what I do (personal recording and a fun band I play in) I don’t have the need for the new features.

The other level I’ve been thinking about is a little different. I have really enjoyed the forum community. I have learned so much and read and even been a part of interesting threads. As the III becomes the default piece of gear (as it should), I’m sure the forums based on the II will slowly die down, as I see on the Standard/Ultra forums. At that point, I can still read the III stuff, but it’s different when one doesn’t actually have the gear to feel part of that community. I’m not mad or anything, life just moves on.


Of course I like to have it, do I need it probably not.
I sit happy with a II Mk1, but someday I will upgrade.

I have a low income job so it's not a lot of money to spend.
For now I still focus on being a better player/composer.


Maybe around Black Friday in November when Fractal usually has a slight discount of $50 or $100 off.


Personally I see the III as more of a studio / Pro piece then something the average guitar player really needs. I rarely used all of the features of the II I had but that in no way means that it's not relevant for others that want that tool.

For me I'm completely happy with the AX8 and how it suits my requirements and most of the things that it lacks are on the wish list so when the next version drops I will be evaluating it and more than likely jumping on that waite list.


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Put my name on the list in the hopes that when my time comes I can afford it.
From what I have gathered, it could be quite a while.
I agree with others, I really don't need it but for me I love the idea of continuing in future evolution of the Axe because I know great things are on the horizon for anything that Cliff puts out.
As far as price goes I personally feel that the price more than justifies what is in the box.
I paid almost the same ($2300 CDN) for my Mk II 4 and a half years ago.


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Unless there's some gigantic leap with the modeling or some amp that doesn't make it to the II that I decide i can't live without, I'm sticking with the 2. The 3 looks really impressive but it's way more machine than my humble needs require. I'll hang on to my mk I and when a 3 comes along at the right price I'll pull the trigger then, same way I did with the 2 :)


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My decision whether to get the III right away has bounced around like a ping-pong ball in a clothes dryer. I'm super happy with my XL+/MFC rig, and know it'll do everything I'll ever need it to do as a guy who just plays one or a few local pub gigs per month. On the other hand, the new possibilities with the III, including the new FC12 and the fact that it's the future path of firmware and feature updates, keeps calling to me and saying "Buy Me!"

If I sell my MkII, my XL+, and my MFC, it'd take a lot of the sting out of buying the latest and greatest, but I would need to put together the cash to buy the new rig before selling the XL+ and MFC, since I rely on them for gigging. Looking at other things to sell, too. Anybody need a wife? She can't cook, but she's pretty low mileage, lol.


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In 2017 I purchased a new Fender Standard Telecaster and new Fender Professional Stratocaster. I really like them both but I absolutely LOVE the Strat. I'm always torn between keeping or selling guitars that I really like but don't "love" to help fund purchases like the Axe III.

I've wanted a Tele for a long time and now I have one. But for the style of music I play, the Strat can pretty much handle anything I would want to do with the Tele. Then there's my Suhr Custom Modern and my 79' Les Paul (That I will never sell). So I could part with the Tele but man I hate selling guitars. LOL!!

One thing situations like this help me to do is try to create additional income streams. That's one thing we guitar players can do fairly easy compared to someone that doesn't play an instrument.


Well I will need to hear comparisons first, the various non audio/sound upgrades dont change the game for me...really wished it had something that solved the endless IR search, eg. IR modeler.
It does have IR mixing in the cab block...


Fractal Fanatic
Don't need it. I only use about 10 patches and 10% of what it can do. But I am on the list and I will buy one because I can and I want to continue supporting the company. My son just picked up the guitar and I may just give him my AxefxII. It would play much better with the wife.


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Since there doesn't appear to be any major amp redesign/breakthroughs, I'll probably just grab one of the XL+'s that are being unloaded. It has plenty of horsepower for what I would use it for. If a floor version of the III is ever released, that's an entirely different story.


Fractal Fanatic
Well, it would be nice to have a III, considering I run into CPU overload so easily (I LOVE to use FX). But this year, and considering in Europe everything costs way, way more then in the US, I just don't see it happen. Maybe not even next year, not unless I start signing up to let them do medical experiments on me.

Doug Lewis

I will eventually, but without a foot controller there's no rush. No ETA or price on the FC series yet so like others I may pick up an XL+ at a good price.


Power User
Not me. I am a home hobbyist, father of 3 and work 60 hours a week in my real job. My "play" time is limited and the Axe Fx II does everything I need it to do and sounds incredible to me.

Jono Bacon

I am definitely getting an Axe FX III, and I just got my Axe FX II in November.

Part of the impetus for me is the regular stream of firmware updates and consistent progress. Now, I am fairly technical, so I am interested in the software evolution of modelling amps/cabs, but reading the firmware updates and release notes on http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=AMP_block is a good indication that when FAS release hardware, you are buying the vessel for a long journey filled with increasing value.

My only worry is that Cliff doesn't become a "bus factor". There is a lot of insight rolled up in him and while this is by no means a one man band, it is clear that he drives a significant chunk of the technical development at FAS.
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