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Who's Afraid to Gig Beta Firmware?

Are You Wary of Gigging Beta Firmware?

  • Yes, I am afraid to gig with beta firmware!

    Votes: 29 23.4%
  • No, I am not afraid to gig with beta firwmare!

    Votes: 95 76.6%

  • Total voters


Power User
Still dialing in my tones and debating for my gigs next weekend. I heavily use the citrus rv50 so since that model was remimic'ed its very important i get things setup right. So far so good though...


Fractal Fanatic
If you gave it a good solid "burn-in" runtime (without issue)... what's to worry about?

Rock it, and have a great gig!

As long as bugs arent affecting the way you use it or the sounds you use.

Speaking of which are there any legit bigs from beta 4?


Fractal Fanatic
Nope. No problem here. Just need to run my presets through as I would on a gig. The platform is pretty damn solid.

If the firmware were to go all new paradigm, I might have to think it over for a short moment! :)


Power User
If you gave it a good solid "burn-in" runtime (without issue)... what's to worry about?

Yep, thats the thing right there. Would I update to even an oficcial release 10 minutes before leaving for a gig? nope. But since almost all firmware problems exhibit when editing and setting up the patches.... if I set my sounds up and they sound good and I can switch from one to the other, I'm good to go.


No more worried that I would be about an amp blowing up, or the main breakers on the stage tripping etc. Always something out of your control but not worth worrying about. I don't think Cliff releases anything that isn't darn near 99% ready for prime time. Heck, I'd even be comfortable using a laptop on stage these days.

Granted I'm not playing for 10,000 people who paid good money to see me, if so maybe I'd want some instant switching to a backup rig, but for my needs, if worse comes to worse I can just apologize to my mom, g/f and the 2 other people in the bar who paid a cover and I think life will go on lol


Not worried about gigging with new FW - helps to suss out the flavor of it in a band setting.

I DO want to try it out, first, through some stage monitors, to be sure the settings are correct, for the patches I'm going to use, and the volume pedal, though. Had a couple of glitches where it thought my volume was a wah, whcih threw things for a dither a bit.


Power User
Not for my normal weekly gigs.

I've updated a few times using "blind faith" a couple ours before the gig and no major issues if any!

For major releases that drastically alter the controls of the blocks and in particular the amp/cab blocks ....I would audition the FW first and check out the changes (improvements). I can then quickly assess if I can make quick adjustments to my main presets that allows me to stay with it for the gig. If not.....I re-upload the previous FW and head to the show.


Yep - Going out new Years eve on the Beta. Low risk in my mind. I'm using none of the new features.

Cheers, Mike
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