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Who was your first Concert?


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Dude, I don't even want to say... Oh well, it wasn't my fault. I had no choice!!! I was only like 8 or 9 years old!!!

My first concert was....

NKOTB. If you don't know what that is then you are better off not knowing. I later redeemed myself by seeing Metallica on 07-03-1993. That was the beginning of their decline in quality live performances.

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KISS 1979 Riverfront Colliseum Cincinnati, I was 9. My mom took me even though she was not into that kind of stuff.


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Iron Butterfly? Are you kidding me! Awesome...

I feel positively youthful reading this thread! Mine was Def Leppard, 1983 in the Edmonton Coliseum (the same building the Edmonton Oilers won 5 Stanley Cups in... back when we, you know, had a team worth anything). I was 12. My Mum took me.
Yes, but us old folks grew up with amazing music. On a side note, as a rare So Cal Hockey fan of 40 years I have a both a wooden and aluminum signed Gretzky hockey sticks and a Grant Fuhr signed goalie stick. Hated the Oilers!!! :)


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Unplanned and probably ABBA around 1976. I was 11.
They played a "small ordinary basketball stadium" one minute from my place and I had no tickets.
I don't remember if my mother properly realised I was madly in love with Agnetha!!! :lol (Olivia NJ was my other Big Crush)
Anyway, I figured I would go hang around the building and at least enjoy the sound of it...

I see loads of people coming back out and crazy people waiting and offering huge money for their tickets. It seemed these tickets had not been torn up. I just kinda waited in that same area until someone just gave me their ticket which got me in. There was a tension moment when one of the entrance controllers seemed to realise what was happening, but his mate told him to just let me through (I was still innocent looking) :D

It seemed pretty crowded inside (they were already huge back then), so that may have been the reason why people decided to go home.
Anyway, I think I saw at least 45 mins of the show for free and gazed my eyes out at every part of Agnetha :razz (at least, I think so, because they did a kind of musical inside the show where they had wigs and looked very alike).

If I went back, the gobs of drool are probably still there... :mrgreen
Still can't believe they played that silly place instead of a proper hall.

Not much later, I got into "proper bands" like Queen and Kiss... Kiss may have been my 2nd concert ever. Looking back, I started pretty big ;)
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What a cool venue.

I saw Muddy Waters w/The Youngbloods there in 1966 or so and also saw The Grateful Dead
there when they were still Pig's band. Might have been their first East Coast shows. Summer of '67.

My first real rock show was Link Wray and the Wraymen in the basement of a church in Annandale, Va when JFK was still President.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties Link was unable to use his prototype AxeFX for more than a couple of tunes.

"Jack The Ripper" was spectacular.
Love Link Wray!


Blood Sweat and Tears, Blossom Music Center, 1969. Too bad my parents didn't take me to see Joplin that summer instead...


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Slane Castle 81

Hazel O'Connor
Rose Tattoo
Sweet Savage (Viv Campbell - guitar)
The Bureau
Thin Lizzy (Gorham/Snowy White guitars)


I did it right, The '79 World Series of Rock! I was 16. They didn't make it on the shirt but Scorpions were on the bill too.



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Deep Purple/Nazareth 1976
Yeah, Nazareth here aswell. 80 or 81 I should say. They did a small tour and ended up in northen Sweden at one point. Very few people, no security, we just could walk backstage and say hi to the guys. Good times, good times!
Still have a photo somewhere, where the drummer is taking a pee in the bushes behind stage.
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