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Who wants some JBL IRs?


I'll have to revisit these IR's, I'm glad I still had them to share and thanks rp911 for making them. :D Your tone sounded great on that live recording, well done!!

I think since Cliff "brightened" the amps in 9.02 & 9.03, the stock cabs and some user cabs like these, tend to sound better than before those updates, IMHO anyways.

Mike Snider

I just played the 10's out tonight. sounded great, cut thru everything well.
i'll play on the 12's friday night, see how they go.

thanks again


My unit went buggy last year I had to wipe the system and start over.

I blame the ancient ir's but It could have been something else.

I'll never use old ir's again.


Here are my original AxeFX 2 IRs for an open back 2X12 JBL E-120 cabinet similar to Garcia's, and also a similar 2X10 with JBL K-110s. The K-110s sound sweeter but the E-120s are what you want to cut through the mix and get closer to the right tone live.

These were the cabs ... I would redo the IRs at a higher resolution but unfortunately no longer own them. I may have the original sweep recordings somewhere if anyone is interested in working on it. But they sound pretty good to me.



hey all. i'll probably feel like a goof when I hear the answer but I purchased the Cab-Lab 3 plugin because I noticed a lot of cool IRs that the nice people in this forum have been kind enough to share.

so the first shared IRs I downloaded were the 2 in this thread (e120axe2 and k110axe2). and as luck would have it, my Cab-Lab 3 plugin won't open them. it comes up with "the following files could not be imported e120axe2.syx: unknown error". Am I to understand that Cab-Lab plugin won't open certain types of .syx files? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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