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Who sold a Bogner Ecstasy amp for Axe Fx II?


This is one amp I've been jonsing for after using the Axe Fx II for 7 years. Love to hear those that has it and sold for Axe Fx II.

Recently tried a Bogner Shiva.... Liked the Axe Fx II better!

My Shiva 20th Anniversary and 4x12 have been in storage for about 18 months now, since FW13 I think


Fractal Fanatic
I had an early Bogner Ecstasy classic 101B with EL34s that was the best rock n' roll amp I ever owned and played. Did a lot of 6th Street gigs in Austin with that amp.

Sold mine and the AXE-FX does it for me now just fine. Agree with Yek on this. A few firmwares ago it got nailed tone-wise.


Fractal Fanatic
Played on one just a couple weeks ago, 101B I think. Couldn't help but miss my AFX the whole time.
Compared to other tube amps I've owned over the years, I was not impressed. It did some things well for sure (Plexi dialed into meltdown), but head-to-head with other amps I've owned, I got an overall 'meh' feeling.


New Member
And nobody use the Fractal Axe in the return of the loop of the ecstsy? I love Fractal and Bogner and use Fractal ii preamp and effects and the power amp of the ecstasy. Anybody has tryed this way? Is it a bad combination? I never put my Axe in other power amp
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