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Who posted this video on the Facebook Fractal site


I would but I hate badgering people for presets. Did he not want to make them available for all?

I might have to though....lol


I just sat in stunned silence watching that video! This made me realize (with absolute clarity) how little I know. I wish I could take a patch building class from that guy...


Fractal Fanatic
Hi guys ;) Yes like Yek said, just email me, I give two mail addresses in the other thread. my mailbox here is constantly exploding, lol


Power User
Amazing stuff you created.... I wold love to take a peek at these also. I will gladly pm you with my email address. Thanks so much for sharing.
I am still such a noob when it comes to creating these complicated presets... I mainly put everything in a straight line and turn on and off haha. Would love to know the reasons for placement and chains used etc.
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