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Who is Using Axe Edit with a 4K / UHD screen - anyone?


Who is Using Axe Edit with a 4K / UHD screen - anyone? Whats it like? Can Axe Edit stretch properly out to full screen and look ok still?


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It's pretty low res - I wouldn't expect much.. But it really depends on the actual size of the screen and your distance from it.


I find that anything larger than it's default size looks pathetic. The graphics are pretty low res and look horrid when stretched or expanded to fill a screen.


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I use it on a Mac with a 4k display set to HiDPI (pixel doubled). Looks great normal and full screen.

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I've got the LG UM95 Ultra-wide at 3440x1440 resolution. Even when maximized to full height it's fine although blurrier than normal size.


I did screen mirroring on my Samsung 55" 4k from my HP laptop and it looked good. There was a little lag with the mouse.


yeah im not sure why on this earth are they using picture images instead of proper vector images in axe edit. It looks horrible and you cannot in anyway expand without blurriness coming into effect. So very very easy to fix for them, what are they waiting for eh.


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I have a pair of-not-so-great ASUS 1080i monitors on my Mac mini and I get flickering and tearing artifacts on full screen stretch on the HDMI-connected (secondary) monitor. No issues on the DisplayPort (primary) monitor. I'm sure it's the setup, not the software.


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Once again, I must stress that the resolution is barely relevant compared simply to the screen size and viewing distance. 4K is meaningless after a certain distance, as 1080p will look equally sharp at that point. So too will 720p a bit further away, and so it goes. If this person is running 4K on a screen which is a couple of metres away, it'll very likely look the same if switched to 1080p.

Ergo, all that matters is that you run it at a suitable size compared to your distance from the screen... and I find that I'm rarely far enough away that I need to expand the window beyond 1:1. I lean into my PC to play with settings, which means that I'm less than a metre from the screen, and then it's all legible at 1:1.

In short: Make it the size you need it. If you can't read it, make it bigger. If you make it full size and the lack of sharpness makes it hard to read, make it smaller. Resolution is essentially irrelevant without more reference details.
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