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Who is running a 2nd midi controller parallel to the MFC?


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I'm thinking to add a 2nd midi controller, something small (4-6 switches) to run it aside the MFC, basically the secondary foot controller will do only volume INCR/DCR and scene select.
I thought to connect the secondary midi board through MIDI in/out to the MFC and the MFC (MKIII) is connected to the XL via FASlink
Anyone has experience with that, running another midi foot controller together with the MFC?


Sorry Roadrunner, I don't have a response to your question, in fact I want to hijack the thread. what pedal board is it that you have in the pic at the bottom of the post? That is the same set-up I have, MFC and 2 pedals. BTW, your PM inbox is full. thanks, D


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I have run my fcb1010 with the mfc but it was connected through the axe fx midi in and the mfc connected with fas link (axe fx XL mfc III) I did not use it for different things though. I used it as a remote in a different location. seemed to work fine for scenes and stomp, volume and wah worked with either unit. but a few times patch changes made with the fcb took a little longer to complet then when changed with the mfc(or at least it seemed to, kinda like when the edit is running but not as bad)


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I don't want to derail the topic but seeing all the talk about EXT4MFC and that other controller, the rack thing with knobs, I just can't help but ask - are you guys really using all those buttons? So far I've been able to come up with ideas how to use 10 switches on my MFC - 8 scenes, pitch and eq for vocals. Oh, and tempo/tuner, that's 11.

Another controller? Really? What are you using it for?


Haven't tried it but it should be possible depending on the requirements and type of the extra controller.
If the secondary controller needs to always reflect the active scene for example, you might need to do extra programming on the mfc to sync/reset the other controller each time you change a preset.


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what pedal board is it that you have in the pic at the bottom of the post?
Inbox is cleared and as mentioned over PM, the road case was custom build for me by a local road cases manufacture.
Heavy duty case, using it for like 3 years now, many live / rehearse use – bullet proof and….heavy. :(

seeing all the talk about EXT4MFC and that other controller, the rack thing with knobs, I just can't help but ask - are you guys really using all those buttons?
Good question.
In personally yes, I would appreciate MUCH more switches as I’m running a lot of changes during playing, I guess it’s because I play live and in a cover band where I’m trying always to nail the original tome so using many sounds / presets.
An average song for me is 3 to 5 sounds, sometimes I accomplish that with scenes, sometimes FX on/off and sometimes if there isn’t any other option, I will use different presets.
My MFC control today 5 preset a bank + chorus, phazer, pitch (for down tunings), delay, flanger, drive, enhancer, reverb, tuner, and scene 1, 2, 3.
Further on my EXT4MFC I have Scene Up / Down (to reach scenes 4 - 8 ) and Volume Incr. / Decr. Which is a great tool for balancing your presets / scenes and on the fly boosts @ live situations.
I’m using ALL of these functions.
I would love to have 4 or more switches for dedicated Scene select OR fx block, amp, cab X/Y etc.


Hey Roadrunner!

Probably NOT an answer to your question, but: I use 3 midi devices with my Axe in addition to my MFC (with your magnificent EXT MODULE):

  • Focusrite Saffire Pro40 audio interface
  • iPad through iRig for the Set List Maker-app
  • RAC12 from fxunits.com

To facilitate this, I bought a 4-in 2-out midi merge box for the Axe FX MIDI In and a simple midi cable splitter for the Axe FX MIDI out. Works like a charm.


Saffire Pro40 out + iRig out + RAC12 out -------> merge box ------> Axe FX MIDI IN

Axe FX MIDI out -------> midi cable splitter -------> iRig midi in + RAC12 midi IN

Kenton MIDI Merge - 4


Dunno if the trick you mention in your OP will work out, but this might be an option if your idea of connecting it to the MFC doesn't work out - and if you are already using the Axe FX midi input. Cheers!

(And I agree - just can't get enough switches - lol)
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