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Who Carries Their GCP in Their Rack?

Josh O

I think I've come to conclusion after alot of hard thinking that the GCP really suits my needs and when my turn in line for the MFC101 comes up I will probably pass to the next guy/gal waiting. I want to be able to transport my GCP in my rack with my Axe along with my expression pedal instead of the separate pedalboard I have. How many rack spaces do you need to be able to do that, preferably with a rack drawer? Right now I'm using a 3U Gator to carry my Axe and my Monster power conditioner. I don't think I can get away with a 4U for it all so is my next option 6U? How unwieldy is that?



i carry mine in my 6 space rack wrapped in a piece of foam.it works fine but i think im going to find a padded case for my controller.i would rather install a rack drawer and keep my cables and expression pedal in it.its really whats more practical for you imo.


I have a 6 space rack with a 2 space rack drawer in it. I just measured the GCP and the rack drawer and it won't fit in it. The GCP is 17" wide. The rack drawer is just shy of 16" wide on the inside.

The 6 space rack is definitely more to deal with but it suits what I wanted it for. I have the Axe, my Wireless, a Furman power unit and the 2 space rack drawer in it. It is nice to have the drawer to put cables and the wireless belt pack in along with batteries and other stuff.
It needs 2 ru height. I have mine in a four rack case and just wrap it in a towel above the axe but that is obviously a ghetto setup. I need to check out some foam or a rack drawer. Maybe you could find a 5 RU rack?

But yeah it's heaps more convenient than a separate pedalboard to house the GCP. Let us know if you find a good solution.
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