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Whitesnake Bad Boys Tone



I'm a fan of John Sykes and all the stuff he did with Whitesnake. Saying that, I can't really play like him, even though I'd like to. :)

Someone asked for a "Bad Boys" Tone, so I give this a shot. The amp setup is based upon a John Sykes preset Leon Todd showed on his YouTube channel, so make sure you give him a like and subscribe to his channel, if you haven't already. I changed cabinets and effects from what he had and modified some of the amp settings to work with my EVH Standard guitar, but it gave me the basics for how John's amp would have been set up. Not being a Mesa guy, I'm glad he has some nice tricks for dialing in the Mesa Mark IV amp. I used my stereo studio monitors for dialing in the tone, so you'll want to make adjustments for your equipment. I'm pretty happy with it even though I don't necessarily play it correctly.

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