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White screen ONLY until restart?


So this happen 3 days ago. Then again yesterday and right now again (Saturday 10:10pm EST) If I don't do anything it stays on the white blank screen indefinitely.. If I turn it off and back on again it is fine?
I searched for white screen hang, etc and found nothing. Has this happen to anyone else? I know, contact Fractal but I wanted to check here first.
FW104 beta 4 I guess. I saw their is a newer one today. Doesn't mention my issue though. NO, FM3 Edit is not open when this happens.

The Fractal audio control panel seems fine, I guess. It says sample rate 48hz and I know that is the fractal rate. Asio Buffer is 512 in the driver panel and safe mode is checked? Not sure why that is.
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OK, so no one else? I just emailed support and hope to hear from them tomorrow...................................


@brianv4 Mailed it back today. The customer service was great 11 years ago and it just gets better imho. After discussions with fractal support they thought it best to send it in. I do still have my AX8, so I'm good.


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White Screen of Death.

Today I was using a pretty busy preset at about 80%.
I had the editor connected. I am on latest versions.

I was using the Looper when the white wave came across the display and locked it up. Reboot and seems normal.
Are people sending in their units when this happens ? Or a known Bug ?
I can attach the preset if this help.
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