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Which USB Cable


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I always thought ferrite would be detrimental to usb as well, though only speculation.

Hmmm, wonder what the truth is.


USB doesn't carry any analog audio; it's all digital. So, noise generally isn't a problem, at least inasmuch as audio quality is concerned. If a byte doesn't make it across intact, the error correcting scheme(s) in the driver will either dump it, correct it, or ask for a retransmission.

As for ferrite beads, you don't want/need them on a USB cable. Somebody somewhere probably thought it could be used as a marketing point and/or a price bump, but the reality is they'll do something between nothing or detrimental.

What separates good/bad USB cables is usually build quality. Some of them use lower grades of rubber for a sheath, so they don't like to lay flat. Maybe flimsier connectors. Past that? The cheapest USB cable you can buy will work just as well as the most expensive.
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