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Which Pick Do You Pick


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I just ordered some JP's. I will post here later about them, since I've used the red, black, forever and the yellow ultex, and max carbon ones recently. I hope they are not too much bigger than the normal J III shape.
The Eric J's dont seem that much different than the normal reds to me.
I like to pick scrape from time to time. A little fine sandpaper seems to do the trick for me to fix em.


A little fine sandpaper seems to do the trick for me to fix em.
I posted this tip/trick earlier and it is really fantastic. If your pick starts to get rough, simple rub the edge 8-10 times on the carpet on each edge. It's fast, easy and works by friction. Also a terry cloth wash rag works even better and can be stored with you gear. Saves me a lot of picks every year.


Jim Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14mm.

I like the smoothness playing on the strings with no "scratchiness" in the feel or sound I got with Tortex picks (particularly when the Tortex picks were new), they don't wear out quickly, (Still using the first one out of the packet....after a year...!!), They seem to "grip" well (not dropped one whilst playing yet, but if you do happen to drop one on the floor their "translucency" can make it a bit of pain to find it again....!!!), and I like the shape and size of the Ultex Standard.


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I use the big Dunlop bass picks. But I'm starting to use differ picks for different songs. Makes sense really. We use different guitars and amp tones....why not?

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Dunlop Jazz III's for the past 5yrs. They're perfect for my hands and what I play. Haven't tried any others since I picked these up.


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Dunlop Jazz III's..!! They sound so much better than a Regular pick.! Since they're Pointy there's less Pick hitting the String which makes for a better tone..they sound Great...!!


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Nope, I use gravity. My favourite is the 3mm mini classic pointed w/ master finish. Gravity have the best options of all the boutique picks I have seen.
I also love the V-pick diamond pointed but wish it came in an unbuffed version. Also, the 'never drop' surface of acrylic is nonsense, I wish Vs had a proper grip surface or holes.
Red bears and wegens are pretty good too but don't have as much mojo as the picks above.


I really like the Pickboy Meta Carbonate 1.0 mm picks. They come in red, white, blue and pink with loud lettering. They're a bit slick in texture but I believe they make some that have holes in the middle for better grip. I really like the sharp point for accurate picking.


Tortex is my usual. But I also have some Herdims, which is what the Edge uses. He turns them sideways and uses the rough part that's supposed to improve grip to hit the strings, and it's a much larger part of his sound than you would think. In fact, I'd say it's a critical part of the chime you hear in his tone.

I stick with the Tortex for most things, but I use the Herdims for times I want that style (or of course if I'm playing a U2 song).


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I tried stone picks and I liked them vfery much. the only problem is they would shatter if you dropped them on a hard floor.
Then I tried Stainless Steel picks. but they were too thin.
So I made them myself from 2mm SS.
Heavy and went through strings like hell.
So I tried some Dunlops and have been using the Gator Grip 2mm for years now.


Brain Picks Snarling Dog .73mm, They wear out pretty quick but there fairly cheep. I change them out when I change strings 10-12 Hrs.


Used to use Dunlop Jazz's, but they sound a bit wimpy on acoustic guitar. So, when I the acoustic part of me got more serious, I searched new picks and ended up with Wegen Big City 1.8mm. Perfect for both acoustic and electric, to me. Angled tip fpr very smooth action. The weird part is that the material feels/sounds soft but there's about zero wear on the pick. More expensive than regular picks, but I haven't worn out any in about a year of daily use.


For me, it's Jim Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Jazz III (1.0 MM) all the way!

I've been using Dunlop picks for almost as long as I've been playing. Very happy with them, and really don't like playing with anything else!

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