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Which cab packs are included in the Axe-Fx III?


New Member
Hey guys,

I’m just about to receive my AXE FX III MK2 and I’ve been preparing myself eagerly for it!
I was looking at a few cab packs notably the ML cab packs for sale on the Fractal website.
However, I read somewhere on the forum that the AF3 comes with some 3rd party cabs.

Can I kindly ask If the cab packs for sale on the Fractal site are included in the AF3?
Or are they separate to the ones in the AF3?

Thank you. Your answers will definitely help me either happily spend or save hundreds of dollars :)



Check out this list. There is a lot of 3rd party impulses on it already, but not all. For instance there are some of the older ML sound labs and York audio, but they have done a lot of newer stuff for sale on their own websites. For Fractal cab packs there is a large sampling of their stuff from Cabs in the attic, Austin Buddy, etc. If there is ones from a pack you really like then you may want to buy a cab pack so you have all the impulses from that pack to experiment with. Yek’s list I shared with you has them broken down by maker very well.


Brian Angiel

Those sale prices have been listed for at least the last two years. Don't let those put any pressure on your to buy now. @2112 has several free IRs on the AxeChange that will rival paid-for IRs. I advise you to check those out, in addition to exploring the factory IRs.


Honestly the AF3 has enough quality factory IRs to never need an add on. There's something there for everything.

That said, once you settle on some models that you like, it never hurts to check out York Audio or maybe Ownhammer for the matching cabs. That's been my process and it's worked well.

Been loving the York Friedman 412 and Matchless 212 packs.
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