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Where to buy a new Strat neck?


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Good to learn all this about the warmoth necks. Concerning the wood, a friend does use a Fender Custom US deluxe HSS with an ebony fretboard and I tend to say this axe has excellent clear highs and good dark bass sounds on the lower strings. All is very punchy, dry funky and with a good sustain. IMHO the pickups do the main part howbeit.

Dale LeClaire

I don't have much experience in this arena, but I have played a couple Warmoth necks on my dad's guitars. both of them are excellent, and I'd be very happy with them on my guitars. and they're local to us so that's cool too.

Joe Bfstplk

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I have had both USACG and Warmoth necks. Both were excellent.

I like the ebony board, LSR nut slot with Earvana nut, and SS6105 frets on mine. Plenty of good tone with that setup, with a snap similar to maple while retaining an open-wood feel like rosewood.


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I have purchased 6 strat style Warmoth necks. All very nice and highly recommended.
1 Stew Mac neck it was a cheapie I didn't bond with it.
Warmoth is my go to!

Rich G.

I have a few guitars with Warmoth necks. In every case, I picked up the neck second hand. I've never been dissapointed. If you go with a new neck, there is a disclaimer on their website HERE stating that they do not do fret leveling after the frets are installed. Some leveling may be required after it is strung up and the wood settles under compression.
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Not that it would bother me, BUT, The bodies and necks Fender sells are mexican made, not US. Again wouldn't bother me, but it may bother some.
Some are MIM, the ones that are going for $699 are USA made... or at least that's what Fender is saying.:)

Looked at those and not surprisingly, it appears that for the same price range you can get a lot more options from Warmoth.
True, I'm guessing that Fender is just offering stuff that they use in regular production. It's legit Fender product, which is important to some.
I own 5 instruments now that have a Warmoth neck, body or both.


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I put a warmoth roasted maple vintage modern on my Eric Johnson strat, totally different guitar the neck almost plays itself. feels and sounds so good! the stock necks are sticky, I guess it's the the finish. Frets seem good on it, but it just feels like it has honey on it.
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