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Where is the music like this?

Joe Bfstplk

One of my pet peeves. Just sing the g-damn song. Beyonce is one of the worst offenders.
It really gained traction with Whitney.


Power User
Aja was the first thing I bought on CD. It’s fascinating how they could write songs that had such complexity and still be catchy. Pro players and pop listeners could both get into it. That’s something you won’t see again.

Dave Merrill

I haven't actually analyzed it in detail, but I suspect the melodies are pretty much diatonic, with more chromatic harmonization underneath. Makes for catchy but interesting. Also makes me want to actually work out the chords, maybe even buy the music. Great stuff.


Power User
There are some groups out that still provide very musical content w/o being flashy. I've seen these guys live, they remind me that there's still real musicians/music...it's just buried and not mainstream:



Fractal Fanatic
Check out a band called The Stepkids. They did some cool stuff. Three piece band with strong vocals and very good players.


No auto tune. No screaming, no embellishing the vocal line to impress how many notes they can sing.
Bloody marvelous.
To me it's more than technical embellishing, every vocal today seems like an affectation and the worst part it's always a variation of the same affectation. That rihanna Beyonce warble thing.

Like 7-10 years ago, a friend was showing me his 8 year old daughter's voice. It was great I thought, but what's that weird warble? I didn't realize it was everywhere. You can't watch a talent show audition or listen to pop without it, except if Coldplay is on. My kids play this pop, makes my skin crawl. Faker than fake generic sprawl. Or maybe I'm just getting old (darn kids).

Aja is the opposite, endlessly creative. Not a bad moment. I thought it was hilarious when I heard black cow being sampled in hip hop.
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