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Where is the AX8 currently being made?

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Why is that so important you, if don’t mind where it’s produced?
It doesn't matter at all really.

However, it does matter for the used market. When current units are made in China, the original Made in the USA units fetch a premium like it or not. But if FAS is [falsely] advertising that the current units are also Made in the USA it creates buyer confusion and damages the resale value of the original MIA units. So it does matter to some people.

Fact of the matter is they don't have to answer the thread

What really needs to be done is FAS needs to update the page info seeing how that's the official information outlet from FAS and not so much this forum

As @Rick will say in 8 minutes from now, a direct message to @Admin M@ would have been the way to go.
You might give M@ a direct email, he's really good about responding to Fractal customers on questions.
Since there's already another [also tagged, also unanswered] thread about the same thing, I was trying to keep the topic on the forums for everyone's benefit. As someone who also has to do support for my customers, it's a real pain when the same person sends the exact same question on facebook, on a forum, via email, and also creates a support ticket.

It's a great unit (question you didn't ask, I know) from either location.
Also agreed.

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
The AX8 is designed in the USA, assembled in China.

Our warehouse, shipping center, and engineering lab are in Plaistow NH.
The real heart of the AX8—the firmware and all the software, are made in America.
The design and mechanical are done here too. I believe the DSP is also made here.
The unit is assembled in China using components sourced globally sourced components.

By supporting Fractal, you are directly supporting dozens of US jobs and families, including not only our employees, associates, and pro customers, but the many others who work on and handle the goods.

In the context of such questions I always point out how the computers we're chatting through are made—who knows where—but in a global economy, what matters in the context of your such a question is that Fractal Audio Systems is an American company, with high quality overseas partners who handle certain physical aspects of getting the product made.
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