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Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?


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Was wondering what systems folks used for this. I hate to be separated from those items but sometimes it’s not comfortable/practical to have them all pocketed (in my skin tight leather pants - jk). Having them backstage unattended in a non-secure type of setting isn’t smart.

Just wondering what everyone does - thanks!


I currently play with an ax3 mounted in a rack with a rack drawer - they usually go in there. Sometimes I’ll just set them on my pedalboard. I’m retiring the ax3 rack cause it’s just too heavy to lug around and replacing it with an FM9. Now i guess the pedalboard placement is a bit more permanent. I’m glad to do that though because last night after a gig i packed up my rack and left my phone in it… had to unpack the van just to get the stupid thing.


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Funny. Yeah, rack drawer would be ideal but I don’t have an extra space and don’t want to go bigger.


It’s funny that i bought an axe fx to cut down on gear, but i still bring just as much stuff out anyways. I feel like the upgrade to FM9 will make me feel a bit more validated in my efforts to have great tone in a lighter footprint…


I stopped the wallet nonsense many years ago after receiving one of these Slim Clip money clips as a gift and trying it out:

Amazon product

That contains cash, cards and ID. Front left pants pocket, always.

Phone goes in front right pants pocket on airplane mode, always.

Keys go in a zippered pouch of my black leather duffel bag that I use to carry cables and accessories.


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Wallet and keys are always on me when not at home. At the gig, I put the phone on my guitar stand (I have one of those fold up suitcase style stands). I usually have document with some notes of keys etc on it, so I can take a peak. If not, I keep it on me.

Dave Merrill

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Back in my Helix days, floor unit with included switches and pedal, I thought I'd be traveling light.

Reality was that I also wanted 2 FRFRs, plus stands and cables for each, and spare cables, and miscellaneous crap. No stack or Dual Showman cabs, no big heavy amp head, but "light" is relative.


Car key stays in my pocket. How many times have you carried stuff out to your car and not been able to open it?
‘Phone goes into airplane mode at the start of soundcheck, and lives on my rack box while I’m playing.
I have a second wallet with several of the band’s business cards. Before leaving the house I add a single debit card, and some old fashioned cash. My stage clothes aren’t skin tight, and the wallet is thin enough to live in my back pocket all night.


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I have my keys and other misc accessories (drum key, earpug case etc) on a carabiner and I clip them to the hook on my gig bag. Mono M80 guitar cases have a couple places meant for clipping.

la szum

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If you have to get your pants off like this at the end of the night, then maybe
it is time to reevaluate the choice of attire.

Oh, and dudes.... pleez stop with the bedazzled jeans. I don't care what you play,
or for whom. Just. Stop. ;)


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I put them all in pants pockets - front and back.

My keychain doesn't have unnecessary keys or dongles so it isn't bulky. I use a minimalist wallet (Focx) with just a few cards, ID, and a little cash for emergencies (I added other cards to my phone and watch which I use to pay 95% of the time).

No problem except with my spandex pants. Then I stuff it all in a sock in my crotch.
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