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Where can I get a list of the real names of the overdrives in the FM3. I like king of tone…is that a Klon?

Where can I get a list of the real names of the over drives in the FM three? I like the “king of tone” od. What is that a model of?


The Tone of Kings is the Analogman “King of Tone” pedal, a well respected double drive pedal with a very long wait list.


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I too find it odd that they wouldn't model a Klon. For you effects gurus out there, which of the available drive models most closely match the Centaur?


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Maybe we should just start asking for a Wampler Tumnus instead. Brian's a cool dude and the Tumnus is a much more humble drive accessible to everyone.


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When I saw king of klon my immediate thought was khan. Then thought that'd be a great overdrive pedal. KHAN!
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