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when is the firmware 19 beta 1 coming out? whats going to be within it?


was meaning 20 beta 1 by the way

any ideas what will be within it? a klon maybe, sorry i just had too. anyhow, love more info.
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Why would FW19 Beta 1 come out when there has already been a FW19 Beta 3, in addition to the final FW19 release ?

Furthermore, who are you asking specifically ? Cliff and anyone who actually knows what happens behinds the scenes at Fractal or just a bunch of us fellow forum members who know as much as you would ?

Here is FW19 Beta 3 (From June 7th) if you really want it... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-f...axe-fx-ii-firmware-19-00-public-beta-3-a.html


geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorry man! wow! i was meaning 20 beta one, my mistake. MY BAD! wow! no worries mate, have a good day eh. yehaa


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I would fully expect 19.1,2,3,etc prior to a 20.x ...

Major number leaps typically have at least a couple of point releases with bug fixes, etc. The Major revisions are for significant core updates that require a redial. I'd be happy with just a string of point releases with more G3 updates and UR cab conversions and save the major revision for something big.


do you think we will be getting an emulation of the cabinet coverings? Doesn't those coverings make the cabs sound different? I mean, my blue cabinet was better than my black cab. Can we have that added to the mix please in the next firmware? Also the glue that holds the cabinet coverings on makes a huge difference. Can we have an added button in axe edit where we can select the colour of the cab covers and the glue used to hold on the covering please?



i thought back around FW13 that we would never reach the level of FW20 and here we are on the verge of that loftly level. it will be an epiphany to see what the Axe becomes at FW20!
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