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When is new Axe Edit coming out?


Does any one know, or is there any news on a new Axe Edit version release date, and any details of what it may have within it - changes?


Fractal Fanatic
There usually is no change in axe edit until there is something in the firm ware that requires it. your axe edit should let you know if there is an up dated version if you open it wile your computer is connected to the net.


I think there was a hint at 3.4 and what was new in another thread but I can't recall what it was.


Excellence defined:

Release 3.4.0
December 18, 2015


3. "Save All to Block Library": This feature is found under the PRESETS menu and will automatically save each of the blocks within the grid (as well as INPUT, OUTPUT, and CONTROLLER) as block files to a folder named for the selected preset. This folder will be created under the Block Library Workspace as specified in the editor's Preferences."
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