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What's your go to delay? Megatap v. Plex v. Multitap v. Regular


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So many delay options! Not complaining. Options are good but I have option paralysis. Just wondering which one people may be defaulting to if they use one or two delay blocks.


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Well, The delays have changed so much I’m gonna have to go on adventure and do some exploration.

Up until now I used stereo tape delay, a reverse and occasionally i.e. lead I’ll add in the Plex. These are all post amplifier.

When the new compander delay series came out, tossed a carbon up front and really liked it.

Now I have to go try all these other really cool parameters that allow more sculpting re: the megatap, etc etc.

Can you say candy store?
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I've been using the regular delay block but with the new types in the MultiTap Delay block that were introduced in FM3 FW 5 I think I will be using that block a lot more because it's now easier to get good results out of it.


The DM-2 model with EQ (similar to abbey road reverb trick) and ducking.

Outside of the fractal world, DM-2 was already my favorite delay, so....I just kept using it. It just does exactly what I want for a delay in guitar sound, and the fractal model is even better than the real thing (and now I've got U2 stuck in my head).


DM2, but with a custom EQ to give it more brightness and more edge when doing self oscillation stuff. The Graphite Copy too. I also use reverse delay a lot, but I haven't yet setup a tone for that on the Axe.


I generally just use the Dual Delay. I find that there are so many controls available, that with some tweaking I can get it to be kind of whatever I need it to. My delay uses are fairly simple though.

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My go to Delay is the Delay.
My go to Plex Delay is the Plex Delay.
My go to Multi Delay is the Multi Delay.
My go to Megatap Delay is the Megatap Delay.

Tongue in cheek, but my point is that you should use the delay that sounds like what you want to hear.

If the Axe-Fx had only one delay effect, I'd take the Mono Tape. I'd still prefer two instances though.
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Oh man. There are so many different real world uses for delay- the 2290 does something beautiful and specific, but I'd never use that in the same way as a dark, gritty analog delay... they are all delays, but it's like comparing a scalpel to an axe- they're both wedges that cut, but they really aren't used for the same thing. I guess I'd pick the stereo tape or a stereo analog delay of some sort, but shoot, if I only had one... (shudder)


I used to use Ping Pong as my "main delay," but since the last few firmware updates, I've switched to Zephyr, although my band hasn't had a gig since the change. I also heavily use the Multi-Tap (I believe it's just the default setting with the mix adjusted) for divebombs and some clean stuff.


2290 all the way!! I had 2 in my racks when I used to have have refrigerator sized racks. It has always done what I need for my leads with little to no tweaking.
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